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Ohio Valley China Company


OHIO VALLEY CHINA COMPANY, Wheeling, W. Va. This factory was originally started under the name of the West Virginia China Company for the manufacture of hotel china, Mr. James Clark being the leading spirit. The venture was unsuccessful. The Ohio Valley China Company made a variety of ornamental goods, and the body was probably the best ever made in America. Some very good pieces with mazarine blue ground and raised gold enrichments were produced, and it is none too early for collectors to secure specimens as the ware marked a distinct stage in American ceramics. Dr. Zimmer was a capable chemist, but the impossibility of securing capable help was a serious drawback and the works were finally closed. They are now operated as a sanitary ware factory under the style of The Riverside Pottery Company, of which Mr. C. W. Franzheim is president and Mr. J. W. Mays the manager. M 167.

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about 2 years ago

Hi. I recently acquired a porcelain vase that is hand signed on the bottom "Ohio Valley China Co. Wheeling W. Va. 1892 Engelhardt. It has a heavy gold and enamel decoration over a dark cobalt background.

Could you provide any information about this piece? My research on the internet has not been very successful. Below is a link to the eBay Pottery Glass and Porcelain message board where you can see pictures of the vase. Thanks,

Eddie Louis