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Feast Di House Of Levi


FEAST DI HOUSE OF LEVI (Luke v. 29), Paolo Veronese, Venice Academy ; canvas, H. 19 ft. 8 in. x 46 ft.; dated 1573. Table spread in a portico pierced by three arcades ; Christ, seated in middle, facing the spectator, talks with SS. Peter and John beside him ; nearly opposite him sits Simon the Pharisee, master of the house, and at A palace with lofty halls and colonnades Christ, at table in middle of a vaulted room, points to the Magdalen prostrate at his feet; a bare-armed servant looks on with surprise, while another peeps over Christ's shoulder ; Simon at left in turban and fur pelisse; in foreground, a dwarf buffoon with an ape on his shoulder, and near him a servant with cup and flask ; at right, two women. Painted for refectory of Convent of S. Fermo, Monselice ; Moretto's most important work and FEAST HOUSE LEVI the ends of the table, seen through the side arcades, are the other guests ; servants wait at the table and pass up and down stairs at each end. Painted for Convent of SS. Giovanni e Paolo, Venice, to replace a Last Supper by Titian, which had been burned ; carried to Paris in 1797 ; returned in 1815 and placed in Academy. - Felibien, i. 723 ; Filhol, iv. Pl. 247 ; Landon, Musee, xvii. Pl. 25 ; Ridolfi, Maray., ii. 28 ; Zanotto, 535.

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