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Titian Or Tiziano

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TITIAN or TIZIANO, born at Pieve di Cadore in 1477, died in Venice, Aug. 27, 1576. Venetian school. Real name Tiziano in S. Nicco16, Treviso, and the Scuola di S. Rocco (1525), Venice ; a Madonna with Saints (1520), S. Domenico, Ancona ; Altarpiece of Brescia, in five compartments (1522), SS. Nazaro e Celso, Brescia ; Madonna di S. Niccolb (1523), Vatican Gallery, Rome ; and the Entombment, Louvre, Paris. This and the St. Peter Martyr are examples of Titian's powers at their height. The life of Titian was not marked by any striking incidents or vicissitudes, and was spent in unceasing labour in Venice, Mantua, Ferrara, and Padua, etc. In 1530, and again in 1532, he went to Bologna, where he met Charles V., who created him Count Palatine and Knight of the Golden Spur by letters patent, bestowed many high privileges upon him, and then, as afterwards, sat to him for his portrait. The finest among his pictures of the Emperor is Charles V. at Mithlberg (1548), Madrid Museum, once one of the great masterpieces of painting. Among Titian's earlier works are : Flora (1520), Uffizi, Florence ; Laura Diana at her Toilet (1523), Louvre ; Madonna di Casa Pesaro (1526), S. M. de' Frari, Venice ; Magdalen (1531 ?), Bella di Tiziano (1534), Palazzo Pitti, Florence ; Venus of the Tribune (1537), Uffizi. In 1537 Titian decorated the great Hall of the Ducal Palace with the Battle of Cadore (burned in 1577) ; in 1539 he painted the Presentation of the Virgin, Venice Academy, and in 1545 produced the Danag of the Naples Museum. When painting, Titian covered his canvas with low-toned opaque colour, glazed everything, and in some instances spent years over a picture. " Unlike the early Flemish painters, he and the other great Venetians," says Hamerton, " worked independent of drawn lines, and in this gave evidence of greater technical advancement. They took things by the middle and developed them in mass, with a thorough study of modelling in light and shade." Taken in their totality, Titian's pictures fairly entitle him to be called the greatest of all painters ; for while others may have surpassed him in single qualities, none have equalled him in general mastery. In landscape as in figure painting, in sacred as in profane subjects, in ideal heads as in portraits, in frescos as in oils, he is "facile princeps ;" and whether we chiefly prize grace, tenderness, character, and dramatic power, or drawing, composition, texture, colour, and chiaroscuro, we are sure to obtain the highest satisfaction in studying his works. The following are works not previously mentioned : Annunciation, Transfiguration, S. Salvatore, Venice ; Pietro Aretino, Palazzo Pitti, Florence ; do., Palazzo Giustiniani, Padua ; do., Historical Society, New York ; Ariosto, Cobham Hall, England ; do. (?), National Gallery, London ; Assumption, Duomo, Verona ; Bacchanal, Madrid Museum ; Be,ccadelli, Uffizi, Florence ; Bella di Tiziano, Hermitage, St. Petersburg ; do., Palazzo Pitti, Florence ; do., Palazzo Sciarra, Rome ; do., Vienna Museum ; Pietro Bembo, Palazzo Barberini, Rome ; do., Nardi Collection, Venice ; Twelve Ccvsars ; Charles V., Madrid Museum ; do. (1548), Old Pinakothek, Munich ; Supper at Emmaus, Louvre ; Christ in the Garden, Escorial, Spain ; Christ bearing the Cross, Scuola di S. Rocco, Venice ; Christ appearing to Virgin, S. Maria, Medole ; Christ crowned with Thorns, Louvre ; do., Old Pinakothek, Munich ; Christ of Tribute Money, National Gallery, London ; Catarina Cornaro, ITffizi, Florence ; Giorgio Cornaro, Castle Howard, England ; Cornaro Family, Alnwick Castle, England ; Luigi Cornaro, Palazzo Pitti, Florence ; Crucifixion, S. Domenico, Ancona ; Dana, Madrid Museum ; do., Naples Museum ; Allocution of Alfonso d' Avalos, Madrid Museum ; Alfonso d' Avalos, Louvre ; Cleopatra in a Grotto, Holy Family, Alfonso d' Avalos, Cassel Gallery ; D' Avalos and his Page, Hampton Court ; Diana and Actaeon, Bridgewater House, London ; Diana and Callisto, ib.; St.. Dominick, Palazzo Borghese, Rome ; Ecce Homo, Madrid Museum ; do., Scuola di S. Rocco, Venice ; do., Vienna Museum ; Entombment, Alfonso d' Este, Madrid Museum ; Isabella d' Este Gonzaga, Vienna Museum ; Europa, Rape of, Cobham Hall, England ; Alessandro Farnese, Naples Museum ; Pier' Luigi Farnese, ib. and Palazzo Reale, Naples ; La Fede, Palazzo Ducale, Venice ; Francis L, Louvre ; do., Palazzo Giustiniani, Padua ; Nicholas Granvelle, Besan9on Museum ; Antonio Grimani, Andrea Gritti, Palazzo Giustiniani, Padua ; Holy Family, Louvre ; Homme au Gant, Louvre; Empress Isabella, Madrid Museum ; St. James of Compostella, S. Lio, Venice ; Jansenius, Palazzo Doris, Rome ; St. Jerome, Brera, Milan ; do., Louvre ; John Frederick, Vienna Museum ; St. John the Almsgiver, S. Giovanni Elemosinario, Venice ; St. John in Wilderness, Venice Academy ; Jupiter and Antiope, Louvre ; Last Supper, Escorial, Spain ; Martyrdom of St. Lawrence, ib.; do., S. M. Assunta dei Gesuiti, Venice ; do., Historical Society, New York ; Allegory of Lepanto, Madrid Museum ; Lucretia, Vienna Museum ; Madonna of Ancona, S. Domenico, Ancona ; Madonna of Burleigh House, Burleigh House, England ; Madonna of Cadore, Church of Cadore ; Madonna of the Cherries, Vienna Museum ; Madonna del Coniglio, Madonna with Saints, Louvre ; Madonna with SS. John and Catherine, National Gallery, London ; Madonna with Roses, 'Uffizi, Florence ; Madonna with S. Bridget, Madrid Museum ; Madonna di S. Niccolb, Vatican ; Madonna with Saints, Vienna Museum ; do., Louvre ; Madonna of Serravalle, S. Andrea, Serravalle ; Madonna of Zoppe, Church at Zopp5 ; Cristoforo Madruzzo, Salvadori Collection, Trent ; Magdalen, Hermitage, St. Petersburg ; do., Palazzo Pitti, Florence ; Adoration of Magi, Knight of Malta, St. Margaret, Madrid Museum ; St. Mark, S. M della Salute, Venice ; Mater Dolorosa, Madrid Museum ; Ippolito de' Medici, Palazzo Pitti, Florence ; Giovanni Moro, Berlin Museum ; Nativity; St. Nicholas, S. Sebastian, Venice ; Noli Me Tangere, National Gallery, London ; do., Madrid Museum ; Omnia Vanitas, Accademia di S. Luca, Rome ; Pope Paul 111, Paul III Titian (London, 1830) ; Bergmann, Tizian (Hanover, 1865) ; M. F. Sweetser, Titian, Artist Biographies (1877) ; R. F. Heath, Titian (1879) ; Ridolfi, Maraviglie Arte (Padua, 1835, 1837) ; Eastlake, Five Great Painters (London, 1883) ; Graph. K., iii. 79 ; Kunst-Chronik, xii. 601 ; xvii. 286 ; xviii. 110 ; xix. 624 ; Zeitschr. f. b. K., v. 196 ; xii. 9 ; xiii. 257, 305 ; xix. 102 ; Art Journal (1886), 85, 132.

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