Technology has become an integral part of our education system. Computer classes are part of the curriculum for 3 and 4 years attending preschool. Technology can be a powerful teaching tool. The internet offers a large range of tutoring sites which can be used to help students learn math, english and science. There are a number of online universities which offer online classes and as a former online student I saw first hand how technology can help further your education. Professors are able to interact with their students via chat rooms and chat sessions and they can offer the student help and guidance on any subject in which they find themselves struggling. Students are also able to chat with each other and start discussions concerning the subject matter being taught. It enables them to learn, not only from the professor but from each other as well. The online courses are designed to motivate the student to research and learn more, ask questions and be actively involved in discussions. The interactive chat rooms provide a method by which the professors can show students how to solve a math problem or how to dissect a poem. Professors use this opportunity to ask the students questions to get them involved in their own education. The online universities also offer online tutoring and step by step instructions to help the student understand the material being taught. This tool is a great one , especially for those who cannot attend chat sessions due to time restraints since tutoring is arranged based on your schedule. Technology has enabled working moms, dads and students who work full time to continue their education and earn a college degree.

Online tutoring is not only for the online college student. All students in all age ranges can benefit from the tutoring services offered online. These services are even listed on the Board of Education websites.

Technology has become a necessary school supply.